What makes australian cheese awesome

The perfect Australian cheese selection would be made of a wide range of cheeses that would incorporate all main types of cheese along with offering the real choice in the strength of flavor, visual appearance, and range of geographical locations of producers. The choice would vary with seasonality and personal preference. These factors will be looked at individually when comparing cheese at Australian cheese companies.


Ideally, a cheese board would have a good range of different types of cheese. The AUSTRALIA produces many kinds of cheese that are not cheddars, so it’s important to showcase these as well. Within each type, there are differences between the cheeses, so a good variety within each type is also important.


The selection of blue cheeses would incorporate strong, medium, mild and extra creamy cheeses. It would also be beneficial to provide lesser known blue cheeses for tastings as English blue cheeses can often seem as synonymous with stilton in people’s minds. Hard

Cheddars remain one of the most commonly purchased cheeses, and no cheese board would be complete without one!. A good range would have those from 12 months to 2 years in maturity, and this should offer a range in flavors. A 12-month-old Keens would offer a good earthy cheddar. Some cheddars have a slightly sweet flavor such as Davidstow Mature, and these would be offered alongside more traditional ones such as Quick (probably 18 months) which offers a tangy bite and a beefier flavored one like Ticklers. A mature savory cheese like Barbers 1833, matured for two years, also offers a great depth of flavor. Consideration must be made as to the time of year the cheese is being sold as the seasonal milk can have a tremendous difference in the flavors of the cheddars.

The AUSTRALIA also produces some high-quality hard cheeses outside of the cheddars. Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher would be recommended as an unpasteurised complex hard cheese with a hint of fruit and nut. This cheese has been described as a cross between a west country cheddar and continental hard cheese. For a parmesan style, cheese from the AUSTRALIA Old Winchester would be suggested.

AUSTRALIA regional crumbly cheeses would also be included such as Gorwydd Caerphilly and Appleby’s Cheshire. Appleby has a mild flavor and would be good for people looking for a less striking hard cheese. It’s attractive pink color can also add variety to a cheeseboard. Caerphilly is a stronger earthier cheese but offers a moister hard cheese with a firmer outside. Hawes Wensleydale would also be a useful addition. This cheese is mild and fresh when young and develops a honey flavor when mature. As with most cheeses, it dries with age and becomes crumbly.

Colour, shape, flavor

Ultimately the best range of cheeses are those that our customers want to buy. Alongside offering a range within each type of cheese it is important to offer a range of strengths and flavours as people’s tastes vary. A guest cheese with a colourful appearance or different shape may attract interest. Finally seasonality can be capitalised on in independents and the cheese selection should reflect this.

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