Unemployment Insurance

We have a job, and we feel happy, we are in a comfort zone because we have a safe job that theoretically guarantees our economic stability, while we have a job, we have good health, we do not have much to worry about. However nobody has everything compared then we have to think of assumptions that we hope will never happen, the loss of our job or suffer any physical incapacity, illness or accident.

To face these situations we have the option to have unemployment insurance, of course, this has a monetary cost. However, we have to think that this cost, will not be of great value if we get to have any unwanted eventuality with our employment, some illness or physical disability and we need to use our unemployment insurance or billig a kasse.

When you want unemployment insurance you are ensuring that you can count on financial resources when you suffer an unwanted event, then what you considered an unemployment insurance expense becomes an investment, because once, in reality, the benefit of having insurance for unemployment that can help you in critical moments in your personal and professional life.

Sometimes we find it extreme cost to have unemployment insurance that we are not accustomed to having insurance that guarantees because we will have resources that help us in times of need, then we should be aware that our tranquility comes at a price. That we have to assume, the loss of your job means the lack of income and this will affect your health and that of your family, then you should think, when you are willing to pay for the peace of family you have when you have a job and when You lose it.

You can use your unemployment insurance when you have a physical disability or when you have an illness that will prevent you from attending your source of work and developing your job duties as it should be, or if you lose your job unjustifiably.

Not all countries can count on this benefit of unemployment insurance because it is not in the culture of employees to have unemployment insurance. Only when unexpected events happen, we realize that it is a necessity that we cannot afford not to have, Unemployment insurance has to be a priority for us who go out on a day-to-day basis to work and take risks once we set foot away from home, no one is insured for a lifetime.

To be one step ahead of others is to take all the necessary precautions, to lead a more tranquil life for us and our loved ones, is to secure our unemployment. We can think that it is a cost difficult to assume or that we need the resources for other subjects. However, we must think, how much it costs us in monetary terms to have the peace and happiness of our families and loved ones.

Do not waste time and secure your future with unemployment insurance, which can help you in those difficult and unwanted times, which sometimes happens and we have to face, but with unemployment insurance, we are sure we will go forward no matter what.

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